Hello Mike,

Hopefully this (likely unusual) message will find you well.

In 2002 i met a wonderful and bright minded young woman, Mylène.

Life by her side was Fantastic! Unfortunately, in June of 2008 she had a dramatic accident.

With her father and her brother, we had gone camping by an isolated lake for a few days, not too far away from Montreal (Canada). On June 22nd, at the end of the day, Mylène went for a swim. A little half an hour later, we noticed she was no where to be seen. We started looking for her. Tragically, after 20 more minutes I found her body at the bottom of the lake, 3 to 4 meters bellow the surface. I pulled her out and we tried to rescue her, but it was too late.

Mylène had epilepsy and like many in her situation, she kept it to herself. She grew up believing that it was « safer » to hide her difference from the outside world in order to live fully all her dreams and not be left aside.

At 25 she was in complete denial of this part of her. Simply pretending it wasn’t there.

This devastating life experience stroke me. It also forced me to a deep introspection.

My journey took me all the way to the Himalayas in « Incredible » India.

It also got me working on a series of photographs. The idea (quite naive) behind my project was to invite the spectator of these images to look at the world from new perspectives.

I thought that maybe if we could all learn how to do that, the world would be a better place. A place in which tolerance would overcome judgement and criticism.

I was far from understanding how much work I had to do myself in this field.

Not too long ago, i realized that I had been very busy creating a series of stunning photographs, which i believe are very much worth showing. Unfortunately however i also realized that until today, i had not been very successful at figuring out a way to do it in a proper way, in an Awesome way. A few art galleries have already shown my work of course, but none of these experiences have led to an « aHa moment » yet!

Two pretty cool exhibitions were scheduled for 2017, unfortunately i couldn’t afford them anymore.

The first one was suppose to take place at the Intercontinental Carlton hotel in Cannes (and probably later in Davos).

An other one was to be outdoor all around « Parque Ibirapuera », in São Paulo…

The reason i’m sending you this email, is that by my experience I have noticed that the contemporary « art market » is quite conservative and could use some « decentralization ».

Therefore, i thought: why not get the attention of potential buyers who’d be willing to acquire my work simply because they are moved by it and they love it and not because a third party tells them its a good investment.

I’d love to be part of a huge exhibition presenting the « DownsideUp » series allowing photography to meet cryptocurrency and charity. It would make sens for me if some of the profits could be collected for research or associations helping people whose lives are affected by epilepsy (worldwide)… which could by the way be a good exemple of how easy and practical it is to send funds to organizations anywhere on the planet instantly.

Also each print (limited and numbered) would have its own certificate-of-authenticity on a blockchain and could only be acquired with « cryptocurrency ». And probably more…

I must admit, that for the moment I feel kind of powerless on my own with these ideas… but i can’t stop thinking that meeting the right people could make it so much easier and would surely lead to the creation of some remarkable event(s) and probably quite some buzz.

There is an other reason for me to wish the success of this project.

Five years ago, during my « photo-quest » i was fortunate to meet an other amazing young woman, who earlier this year became my wife. Her name is Melanie.

Like Mylene, Melanie is « different ». But in her case, she can’t really hide it. Melanie is in an electric wheelchair, because of an uncommon type of neuromuscular dystrophy. Melanie is truly incredible, sometimes I wonder how she does it… she has this rare disease that makes her muscles (including her heart) become weaker every day, yet her inspiring smile never leaves her pretty face. She shares her optimism with the world on her blog.

For me, finding a way to sell these images also represents the opportunity to provide an enjoyable life for Melanie.

I genuinely hope you’ll be touched by this project and that you’ll see a way to make it successfully happen!

Please let me know.



Xavier [apa] Escalère






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